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World Renowned Tarot Card Readings

LoremWizards Tarot is an Australian owned world renowned tarot card reading business with over 200 tarot card readers across the world. If you have recently been to a card reading with a strong psychic your may have noticed the operator using cards to see your future. Often by looking forward instead of backward one can start to have hope, aspiration and a new love of life that if they hadn’t consulted one of our experts, they would have never had.

Our services are open 24/7 and we accept most major credit cards. We keep it simple, just call us and we are here to provide you help.

Do you know even the royal family consults a tarot card reader?

From early days daring ack 200 bc, it has been recorded in history that many tarot card readers and clairvoyants have been consulted by the royal family to provide frequent readings. Although there is common quirkiness associated with the supernatural world and also doubt, some of the most important people financially and socially have consulted readers on a frequent basis. Henry the eighth king of England famous for dismissing his wives to the afterlife was commonly known to seek advice from a psychic.

Simply pick up the phone and call one of our psychic experts today, we are here to help you spiritually day or night all year round. All year around psychic readings Australia is here to stay we look forward to the future.

Amazing Readings From Wizards

See how our services can help! We have operators who are exactly, that: Wizards and Magicians when it comes to high-quality Tarot Card reading. We only select the highest quality tarot card readers in the world. Our staff are friendly and extremely world trained. World-renowned Dick Chambers has personally trained each and every one of our staff.

If you are going through a relationship breakdown, family hardship or simply want to have access to unresolved past life issues that may be impacting your present life, your tarot reading will certainly shed a light into pathways to resolve those issues. We also provide advice towards the future if you have a big decision to make or simply want to have any difficult questions answered. Our tarot readers are highly skilled and sensitive with it comes to delivering the right message to you. Our readers also have training as psychics and thus have psychic abilities to channel into your ancestors, spiritual guides and the higher divine entities that are connected to you in this life.

Best online services ever.


An amazing journey, was excellent fun.