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The Wizards Tarot™ by Corrine Kenner and John Blumen

Welcome to Mandrake Academy


Step through the doors of Mandrake Academy, where you'll don the robes of a magical apprentice and learn from your instructor — the tarot.


Surrounded by rolling fields and emerald-green woods, with enchanted stone walls and mystical creatures roaming the grounds, the Mandrake campus welcomes you as its newest initiate. Here you will undertake a study of magic and unravel the mysteries of the tarot.


As you proceed, you'll gain skills in spellcasting, runes, astrology, astral travel, shapeshifting, and other essential topics. You'll discover how to create a magic circle, divine with a pendulum, brew herbal elixirs, and work with crystals ... all while becoming a skilled card reader in the process.


Your teachers include the Empress, professor of herbal magic; the Hierophant, professor of mythology; and the Hanged Man, professor of runes. Your fellow students include initiates from the four suits and the four schools of elemental magic: fire, water, air, and earth.


The Wizards Tarot Website


You can enrich your learning with this website, which includes images of all 78 cards and text from the accompanying 242-page handbook.


For each card of the Major Arcana, you'll find key symbols and their meanings, and an innovative spread.


You'll also discover the magic power, magic charm, and descriptions of the most important symbols in each card of the Minor Arcana.


Whether you already own the Wizards Tarot or you're planning to buy a copy of the deck, the Wizards Tarot website is designed to ease your entrance into Mandrake Academy, school of magic and mystery.


Order Your Copy


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